Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Take It

“Take It” is an extremely easy trick to teach dogs.

I mean, if your dog is anything like mine, he already takes pretty much what he wants, right?

In all seriousness, teaching your dog the “take it” trick is smart way to start beginner obedience training. “Take it” trick traditionally goes hand in hand with “leave it”.

Let’s get to it! Tricks to Teach Dogs – Take It:


Your dog should be able to complete the following easy trick after practicing and mastering the steps below:

  • Using the “take it” command, your dog should take an object either from your hand or an area within reach of his mouth.


Using your dog’s favorite toy, act excited about the toy and hand it to your dog. As they take it into their mouth, use the verbal command “take it.” Pretty easy, right?

Wait! We’re not done yet. Let your dog hold on to the toy for a few moments and now you take it back. In this exchange, trade your dog the toy for a treat!

Repeat the above two trick steps. Practice extending the time your dog holds the toy before you reward him with a treat exchange.

Try some different items, other than your dog’s favorite toy. Frisbee, stick, ball, etc.


Your dog should be able to master the “take it” trick rather quickly. You will be able to see noticeable results within your first session, but mastering this trick will take separate sessions over the period of a few days.

Here’s an awesome video tutorial on the “take it” and “drop it” command from Victoria Stilwell via eHowPets: