Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Stay

Of all the tricks to teach dogs, stay is absolutely a life-changer for your household.

You can ask your dog to stay away from the door while you greet guests, stay out of the kitchen during dinner time, or even to calm down when meeting another excitable dog.

The stay trick can be used anywhere for any multitude of reasons. Your dog’s basic obedience is not only defined by how well they obey the stay trick, but also the sit, come, and lie down tricks.


Add another trick to the treat list! Tricks to Teach Dogs – Stay:


  • Your dog should hold their current position until you release them from the stay trick.



Place your dog into a sit position.

While in front of your dog, use the command “stay” and show your full palm to your dog (your hand should look like your telling the dog to stop!).

Begin stepping away from your dog, however always keeping a keen eye on him. After a few steps, if your dog has not moved, return to your pup and praise them for staying seated and say a release command. We at Tricks to Teach Dogs have used the command “release” or even “good stay” as indicators the trick was completed correctly. Reward your dog with a tasty trick treat!

“But my dog immediately followed me, ruining the trick!” No worries, connect a leash to your dog and gently return them to their original spot. Repeat the previous steps. Be sure to not praise or reward your dog for moving before you release them!

As with most tricks to teach dogs, once the basics have been understood, move on to increasing the stakes. Begin by taking a few additional steps away from your dog while practicing the stay trick.

Also, try extending the amount of time your dog is holding the stay. You can go kind of crazy here and work your way up to getting your dog to hold the stay position for a loooonnngg time. Usually, a couple of minutes shows mastery for this trick.


Depending on how long and how far away you want to have your dog hold the stay position, you can teach this trick to your dog anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Try doing a circle around your dog while holding them in a stay (by expertvillage):