Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Shake

Teaching your dog to shake is a great addition to traditional obedience tricks like sit, lie down, stay and come.

Shake is a quick trick to teach since it capitalizes on your dog’s natural behavior to paw.

If you have a curious, hyper pup, offering a paw will be an easy trick to teach.


Let’s get to it: Tricks to Teach Dogs! – The Shake


Your dog should be able to complete the following trick after following, practicing and mastering the steps below:

  • Raise a¬†paw to about chest height, waiting for you to grab it and shake.
  • Offer either left or right front paw to complete a shake.



Place your dog in a sit in front of you. If you are uncertain how to teach your dog to sit, please check out our previous trick to tutorial on teaching your dog to sit.

Have a tasty dog treat in your hand. Make a fist around the treat and place it low to the ground, right in front of your dog’s paw.

Encourage your dog to paw at your hand. The moment your dog lifts their paw off the ground, reward your dog and say the command “shake.” Some examples of coaxing your dog to paw the treat could be “shake”, “what’s that?” or my personal favorite “get it.”

As with most dog tricks, now that we’ve established the basics for a trick, we need to up the ante until we get the desired result. Begin moving your hand higher each time your dog masters pawing your hand at a lower height. Ideally, you want your dog to raise their paw about chest height.

Now for the bait and switch! Hold a treat behind your back and extend your other hand to your dog. Use the command “shake” and encourage your dog to place their paw in your hand. Shake their paw and reward him/her with the treat from your other hand. Be sure to continue shaking their paw WHILE you are rewarding.

Now that your dog has mastered shaking with one paw, repeat the above steps with their opposite paw. Training will be exponentially faster, but if your dog stumbles during the trick, be sure to back up and go a little slower through the trick steps.


Teaching your dog to shake can be done within one session. However, your dog mastering offering either paw takes a little additional time. This trick is an easy trick any dog can learn! Get excited and try it out with your pup!

Some dogs will add a little flair to their shake trick. Take a look at this awesome pup by Peter Meme: