Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog To Fetch!


Fetch is a great trick to teach dogs for exercise and fun.

Many dogs are natural retrievers and the fetch trick is very easy for these dogs to learn.

But, not to worry if you’ve struggled in the past with fetch. With the following simple steps, using a bait-and-switch teaching style,  you’ll be playing fetch with your dog in no time.


Who’s a good boy! Tricks to Teach Dogs – Fetch:


  • After tossing an object, your dog should retrieve the object and bring it back to you.



Take a tennis ball, cut a slit into the ball just big enough to get a small treat inside. Make sure your dog cannot get the treat and therefore needs to bring it to you for help.

Show your dog the treat before putting it inside the ball. Get him/her excited for it!

 Slide the treat inside the slit in the tennis ball.

Throw the ball and encourage your dog to bring it back to you. Use the command “fetch.” Act playful and excited by patting your legs, talking in a goofy voice, or even run away from your dog a few paces to get him to come back to you.

Once your dog returns, take the ball from him and grab the treat from inside the ball. Praise and reward your dog with the treat!

Repeat the above steps until your dog masters fetching the ball.

Now, work on transferring the skill to toys and items that do not have a treat inside them.

When your pup fetches a new toy, reward him with a treat when he gives you the toy.


Depending on the breed, your dog could learn the fetch trick within a few days. Be patient. Be excited, and reward your dog for working hard on this trick!

Not for the queasy, but here’s a great GoPro video of a Springer Spaniel playing fetch by david morley: