Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Come

Come is an easy trick that is part of the basic foundation for a good, obedient dog. Other basic tricks include sit, shake, lie down, and stay.

But first, a question. Are you the pack leader?

Teaching your dog to “come” will only be effective if you are the leader of the pack as your commands must be absolute.


Let’s get to it! Tricks to Teach Dogs – Come:


Your dog should be able to complete the following after practicing and mastering the steps below:

  • On the “come” command, your dog will immediately respond and come directly to you.



First, place your dog on a long leash, one with enough length for your dog to run close to you with ease.

Command you dog to “come” (only once) and like a fishing reel, reel your dog to you. Reward and praise him for coming to you. Make sure you use a firm, but light tone when using the “come” command.

Continue and practice until your dog is comfortable responding to you right away. Graduate to a larger leash and work on your dog responding to you from further distances away.

When your dog has mastered coming to you on command while on a leash, let go of the leash and let it drag on the ground. To be safe, try these training sessions in a fenced off area so there are no risks to your dog’s safety. Repeat the following steps, commanding your dog to “come” and praise/reward him when he obeys.

Finally, remove the long leash and practice off-leash training. Again, be sure to do this in a fenced off area in case your dog does not listen to you. Practice until you are comfortable your dog will come to you every single time you command. If not, it is perfectly acceptable to move back a step and place the leash back on your dog so you can better reel him in when using the “come” command.


  • If your dog runs off while off leash, do NOT chase after your dog (unless there is an immediate safety concern).Unless there’s an external stimulus like a squirrel, rabbit or people to chase, your dog will most likely run a distance then turn around to look back to you since you are the pack leader. Stand your ground. Firmly and calmly demand he come back to you. Reattach the long leash and practice some more before going off leash again.


Dogs can learn to come very quickly, but it takes a lifetime of practice and enforcement to continually be sure your dog will come on command.

Here’s a dog responding to “come” command from very long distance by J.D. Woofter: