Easy Tricks

Teach Your Dog To Back Up

Back up is a very useful, easy trick to teach your dog.

Whether you need your dog to back away from you, out of a doorway, or out of the kitchen during meal time, this trick is rather quite handy around the house.

Many dog trainers teach “back up” as a foundation for some more advanced tricks to teach like spin circles or dance.


Go get it, another trick! Tricks to Teach Dogs – Back Up:


  • Your dog should move backwards, backing up away from you.



This trick is best taught in a confined space, like a hallway. Place your dog into the sit position.

Grab a tasty treat and hold it in your hand, making a fist.

Initially, hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose.

Gently begin to press your fist against your dog’s nose. This should force your dog to take a few steps backwards. Be sure to give the command “back up” when gently pushing on their nose.

Once your dog takes those few steps, praise and reward him for a trick well done!

Now it’s time to build on our success. Once your dog has the hang of backing up when being touched on the nose, switch over to an alternate method…walking toward your dog.

When your dog is in a sit, start walking slowly toward your dog. Gently brush your knee into your dog’s chest, give a hand signal of your choice and use the command “back up.” Once your dog takes a few steps, praise and reward!

Continue practicing until your dog is able to back up on command without you needed to touch him.


This trick can take some time to master. Expect your dog to master backing up with a treat in front of his nose within a week or so. Full mastery can take up to a month of training.

Now, not exactly a how-to but a cute video of a dog backing up through doorway by  Rhiannon Hamam: