Smart Dogs Trick Lists

Awesomely Cool Dog Tricks by Paige the Border Collie!


In a recent post, we created a list of 30 Uncommon Tricks to Teach Dogs.

Our continued search for uncommon tricks led us to this wonderful video of Paige completing 21 (ish) amazing dog tricks!

We counted the following tricks. Do you see any we missed? Leave them in a comment below!

  1. Doing the laundry.
  2. Coloring.
  3. Carry a bucket (this is very similar to Carry Groceries Trick, our #2 in List of Uncommon Dog Tricks.
  4. Bow.
  5. Spin. (#22).
  6. Walk on Hind Legs.
  7. Fence Wing Panel Jump.
  8. Settle – Lay to one side.
  9. Lay on back.
  10. Sneak.
  11. Play catch.
  12. Roll over.
  13. Pick up toys (check out #19 in our list for step-by-step walkthrough).
  14. Pick up Trash and Throw it away.
  15. Peekaboo (#15).
  16. Fetch / Find it (teach your dog to fetch here).
  17. Sit Up / Beg (check out Twix learning how to Sit up and Beg).
  18. Open Refrigerator (#27).
  19. Place object in Refrigerator.
  20. Act ashamed. (here’s a great video of Bowie acting ashamed).
  21. Tuck themselves In (#5).

Paige is truly an amazing dog. Check out her Facebook Page and Youtube Channel below:

Paige’s Facebook Page

Paige’s Youtube Channel: SnuggliePuppy